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Meet KiOwana

She’s a mom, wife, Soldier, Philanthropist, Published Author, Firearms Instructor, and Real Estate investor. Whew, that’s the shortlist!

A real modern-day Wonder Woman, right?

While her life is busy and even chaotic, her passion is helping women prioritize themselves through health & fitness, food, travel, and regular self-care.

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You’re never too busy to be happy

Whether you crave beauty tips, healthy recipes, family fun ideas, or need help making travel plans, you’ll find it here!


The latest in the blog

Regulating Your Emotions 

“Self–regulation will always be a challenge, but if somebody’s going to be in charge, it might as well be me.” – Daniel Akst We live in a world where you[…]

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Homemade Sticky Sweet Treats

Yummy, simple, and sticky. MJ and Khaleb helped me make this twist on energy balls. These are easy to make and make great snacks when refrigerated. Add these Sticky Sweet[…]

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Family Fun Staycations

Have you ever wanted to get away for a family vacation, but either time or money would not allow it? What about some fun staycation ideas that make your family[…]

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Self-care Check-in

Self-care is the best care. When was the last time you did a self-care check-in? We are always on the go, and although we have routines, we often forget the[…]

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