"Never get too busy to enjoy the things that make you happy."


Meet KiOwana

She’s a mom, wife, Soldier, Philanthropist, Published Author, Firearms Instructor, and Real Estate investor. Whew, that’s the shortlist!

A real modern-day Wonder Woman, right?

While her life is busy and even chaotic, her passion is helping women prioritize themselves through health & fitness, food, travel, and regular self-care.

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You’re never too busy to be happy

Whether you crave beauty tips, healthy recipes, family fun ideas, or need help making travel plans, you’ll find it here!


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Travel Plans for the Summer

Summer and fall trips are booked in the winter and spring. Many people plan their trips and family vacations six months, nine months, or even a year in advance. A[…]

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Women and Self-protection

What items are readily available to defend yourself in a life-threatening self-defense situation? A few years ago, I did an article on ways someone could protect themselves. Whether it was[…]

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Feel Good Tips

Whether we want to believe it or not, feeling good comes from mental and physical health. Have you ever heard the phrase “Health is wealth?” How we feel projects how[…]

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Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

You know the saying, “History repeats itself?” Well, fashion definitely makes a full circle. There have been times when I cleaned out my closet and gave old clothes to Goodwill,[…]

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