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Meet KiOwana

She’s a mom, wife, Soldier, Philanthropist, Published Author, Firearms Instructor, and Real Estate investor. Whew, that’s the shortlist!

A real modern-day Wonder Woman, right?

While her life is busy and even chaotic, her passion is helping women prioritize themselves through health & fitness, food, travel, and regular self-care.

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You’re never too busy to be happy

Whether you crave beauty tips, healthy recipes, family fun ideas, or need help making travel plans, you’ll find it here!


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Ways to Stay Connected with Your Spouse

So you find the love of your life, added to your family, the seasons go by, and life happens. This is common with marriages and long-term relationships, but what do[…]

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Back-to-School Tips

Can you believe it is almost that time again? Summer is almost ending, and children will soon return to school. Whether elementary, middle, high school or college, there is a[…]

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Travel Must-haves

If you follow me on social media, you know we travel monthly, whether in or out of the country. Specific lessons I learned early on while traveling have stuck with[…]

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Power of Praying Series

This prayer series by Stormie Daniels has been in my home and heart for over ten years. Not only do they immediately refocus my attention on my relationship with God,[…]

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