30 Day Organization Challenge

30 Day Organization Challenge

No matter what time of year it is, we constantly want to clean and organize specific areas of our homes. Well, now you can clean and organize everything without the pressure of doing everything simultaneously. If you find yourself gathering things you no longer need during these 30 days, sell, donate, or throw them away.

Check out my 30-day organization challenge below. Feel free to start anytime.

Day 1: Electronics (organize games, chargers, laptops, etc.)

Day 2: Purse (clean out old receipts, gum, lip glosses, hairpins, etc.)

Day 3: Garage (organize garage items and give it a good sweep)

Day 4: Car (run your car through a carwash, vacuum, clean up unnecessary collected items)

Day 5: Holiday decorations (clean up and organize Easter, Christmas, Haloween, Thanksgiving, and other holiday décor)

Day 6: Paperwork (important documentation need a safe place, and the kitchen drawer is not it)

Day 7: Laundry Room

Day 8: Toy Boxes (decide what your child no longer plays with and donate those items)

Day 9: Kitchen Cupboard (organize plates, cups, glasses, pans, pots, etc.)

Day 10: Kitchen Pantry (discard expired perishables, organzine dry foods)

Day 11: Kitchen Drawers (organize silverware and other kitchen utensils; don’t forget that junk drawer)

Day 12: Cleaning Supplies

Day 13: Fridge and Freezer (discard expired foods, drinks, sauces, condiments)

Day 14: Linen Closet

Day 15: Bedroom Closets

Day 16: Drawers and Nightstands

Day 17: Shoes (organize and sell or donate ones you can no longer wear)

Day 18: Master Bedroom

Day 19: Remaining Bedrooms

Day 20: Medicine Cabinets (discard outdated medications)

Day 21: Makeup

Day 22: TV Cabinets

Day 23: Family Games (organize and place small game pieces in small sandwich Ziploc bags)

Day 24: Art and Craft Supplies

Day 25: Backyard and Proches

Day 26: Fans and Surface Areas (dust dust dust)

Day 27: Bathrooms (deep clean showers, sinks, toilets, mirrors, and cabinets)

Day 28: Remotes (sanitize all remotes in the homes and change batteries if needed)

Day 29: Floors (sweep, mop, and don’t forget those floorboards)

Day 30: Filters (this could be air filters, lint traps, Roomba vacuum filters, etc.)


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