Cruise vs Resorts

Cruise vs Resorts

Vacation cruise or resort destination? Each one has its own benefits. I know we all need a vacation after this COVID-19 chaos, so I wanted to share some of my ideas. Many travelers religiously stick to one or the other. For example, when we were in Jamaica, we met an older couple at our resort which had been coming to the same resort for 27 years. They knew what they enjoyed doing, made local friends over the years, and were now sharing their story with us poolside. While we had a great time and would consider returning, there is too much to see and visit to stick to one country, let alone one resort.

Pick a cruise if:

  1. You want to visit multiple countries in a week. Cruises start and end in the same location, but there many stops along the way. It is important to understand the difference between flying to multiple locations cramped into an airline seat for several hours or relaxing freely upon a large cruise ship with unlimited activities and food while making your way to the next country.
  2. You do not want to spend a lot of money. Many cruises cost much less than an entire destination trip. Your cruise cost is all in one, versus vacation destinations carry multiple costs (i.e., flights, hotels, transportation).
  3. You cannot make a large amount for vacation at one time. Most cruises have a payment plan where you pay a deposit, and the balance is due at least a month or two before the departure date.
  4. You like meeting new people. Since you are in the same space for a set period of time, you often bump into the same people. Whether at dinner, during a show, or at the pool, you can make some lifelong friends on a cruise.

Pick the resort if:

  1. You want to be able to walk on the beach at sunrise, sunset or any time you want (with a cruise, you are restricted to hours in port; at a resort, the beach is right out your front door).
  2. You want to eat and drink as much as possible without worrying about racking up high bills for cocktails or trying out multiple dining options.
  3. You plan on taking advantage of water sports and other activities (if you want to spend your vacation snorkeling, kayaking and body surfing, you will save money at the resort where these activities are included versus a cruise, which charges for these activities in port).
  4. Room size (with a resort, your room is much larger than a cruise room).

So, which would you choose? Cruise or Resort?


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