Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Me spotting one leaf: “Bring on the pumpkin spice!” Come on; you have to admit there is something about fall that is cozy, relaxing, comforting, and sexy.

I am such a winter baby, but there is something amazing about fall. Maybe the trees change beautiful colors and shedding their leaves to make room for something beautiful in spring. Eh, it is honestly just the pumpkin spiced white chocolate mocha that is my annual guilty pleasure from Starbucks. Try it and thank me later—sugar coma in three, two, one.

These are some cute fall must-haves, including warm colors such as auburn, orange, red, black, gold, burgundy, brown, olive, and grey. Sweater dresses are so comfy. Boots are a must, leggings….no room for negotiation, a dramatic coat or cardigan, patterns, layers, oh my. A cardigan is my go-to for fall attire which can dress an outfit up or down.

What are some of your favorite fall must-haves?


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