Fall Must-Haves

Fall Must-Haves

The leaves are turning, and the pumpkin spice has filled the air. As much as I would love to throw on an oversized hoodie and sweatpants every day, this year, I have made it my duty to be intentional with my attire. Cooler weather calls for moistured lips and fashion. Check out this short list of my fall must-haves. 

Lip gloss

Do you remember the super shiny lip gloss from the hair store? Oh, the nostalgia. Having that extra shine can brighten your face and boost your mood with little to no effort. My go-to lip glosses these days are Victoria’s Secret Strawberry Fizz and Pink Blush. When all else fails, grab a fragranced Carmex. Watermelon Blast is my favorite.


What are you carrying these days? I never could get down with purses, but something about my thirties has me needing something to carry my wallet, lip gloss, snacks, floss, pens, and whatever else I can fit in. A good bag, not too big but not too small, is perfect for fall. I am not a name-brand person, so if it is cute, I am snagging it. 


I do not know anyone who loves cardigans as much as I do. Around this time of year, stores like Ross and Target are putting out sweaters. I was first in line to grab a few and a great price. Whether summer, spring, or fall, a great cardigan, jacket, or wrap comes in handy. Burnt orange, caramel, red, burgundy, black, and brown cardigans or sweaters are beautiful this time of year.


Whenever the weather changes, it is nice to have a cute pair of boots. The same pair of boots can dress up any fall outfit. Are you a bootie, calf-length, or thigh-length type of boot person? I love a nice calf-length boot in a brown or black color.


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