Family Fun Staycations

Family Fun Staycations

Have you ever wanted to get away for a family vacation, but either time or money would not allow it? What about some fun staycation ideas that make your family feel like they are getting away? 

Indoor Activities

How can we bring the fun inside if the weather is too hot or cold? Easy, you make it creative and fun. All it takes is some planning, and you have a fun day ahead. Don’t forget to ask your children for help (they have the craziest ideas). Some indoor activities could be a movie day or night, table games like trouble or UNO, hide and seek, a disco dance party, or even karaoke which ultimately leads to a dance battle. I love to go down memory lane, look through old pictures, and talk about that time.

Backyard Activities

Recently I had my nieces and nephews over. What started as me watering the trees in my backyard became a sprinkler water activity filled with playing tag and laughter. Backyard activities do not have to be fancy. Think of simple games like tag, cornhole, catch, basketball, football, or even grab backyard supplies from the dollar store. Check out more backyard activities here.


Have you done all things fun locally? Why not act like a tourist in your local area? Some ideas to explore are libraries, museums, bowling alleys, skating rinks, zoos, aquariums, public parks, lakes and beaches, festivals, or even downtown. You will be surprised by the fantastic places you find in your local areas. 

Whether your budget is $1 or $100, a family fun staycation can be what you make it out to be. With some planning, enthusiasm, and fun, a staycation could be just what your family needs to reset when you cannot get away. 


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