Family Rock Activity

Family Rock Activity

The past six weeks have been challenging. Outside of homework and Zoom video calls with teachers, entertaining our children became a real challenge. On top of that, I have a busy schedule working from home, teleconferences, emails, and not skipping a beat as a leader. I wanted us to do an activity other than the traditional UNO or War card games.

MJ is always playing with the rocks in our front yard, so I had a great idea. Let’s paint some rocks. This was an easy, inexpensive activity that cost less than $20. We made ours look like M&Ms and put them outside of our house. This will be a nice eye-catcher when people walk by. MJ made one look like Raphael. Khaleb made one with the Moebius Syndrome symbol.


  • rocks (all sizes, but smooth surfaces are best)
  • paint brushes (variety of sizes)
  • desired color paint (I found the ones pictured for $1 at Walmart)
  • glitter, googly eyes, or other accessories
  • plastic cup with water
  • towel
  • paper plates
  • creativity and imagination


  1. Line your desired paint area with a towel. You may need more than one depending on your family size.
  2. Squirt small amounts of every color paint on a paper plate.
  3. Fill plastic cups halfway with water.
  4. Paint rocks like you want. Get creative.


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