This year, I will be participating in Ramadan fasting in support of my Muslim Soldier. I am thoroughly aware of how much of a sacrifice and the discipline it takes to fast during Ramadan holistically. I will fast each day from dawn (approximately two hours before sunrise) until after sunset, and I will not eat or drink during those hours. Even though I fast several times a year, sometimes for three months at a time, this specific time is essential to me as I will be in solidarity with someone. I will also incorporate a 30-day devotional, specified prayers, and try my best to sustain from counterproductive behaviors.

Fasting is not necessarily the same as abstinence from all or some foods or drinks for a set period. It can also serve abstinence from gossip, alcohol, stress eating, smoking, sex, etc. Here are a few benefits of fasting.

  • Aids weight loss by limiting calorie intake and boosting metabolism
  • Fasting spiritually is a discipline: it helps us grow in our faith
  • Promotes better health by fighting inflammation and stress
  • Better habits (improved impulse control)


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