Go-to Apps

Go-to Apps

We stare at our cell phones at least an hour a day. Different apps keep us engaged and entertained as time flies. Below are some of my go-to apps that are on my home screen.

Social Media

If it were not for my several businesses and keeping in contact with family and friends, I would not have social media. But since I have it, I keep it narrowed down to two. Facebook and Instagram. What are some social media apps you enjoy?


I keep my Bible app next to my bank app if God wants to make some moves. For my spiritual apps, Bible and The Word for You Today (TWFYT) are my favorite. TWFYT even reads the passages out loud like a podcast.


Bank accounts, businesses accounts, and investments having these apps at my fingertips make transactions and monitoring extremely easy. These are my main financial apps:


What good is a phone without some entertainment, right? These are some of my favorite apps, whether it is creating new content for my businesses, listening to music, learning Spanish, ordering new merch, or monitoring the boys. Canva, Duolingo, Poshmark (https://posh.mk/5Zo4KwfdNgb), Pandora, Photofy, MMGuardian Parent App, and Netflix).

What apps are a must for your phone?


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