Goals for Every Area of Your Life

Goals for Every Area of Your Life

Each day is the first day of the rest of your life. Every day is another opportunity to become a better you. We are in control of our lives and how we live them. Let’s discuss several areas of our lives we can begin to set goals.


Here is some food for thought: Are we spending the day in the vicinity of our family members, or are we spending time with them?

Here are some ideas to consider when strengthening the family bond.

  • game nights, dinners, talking about how each other’s day went
  • going for walks or runs
  • watching movies together or turning on music for everyone to dance to

When all else fails, home is our haven. Our families are the ones we rely on, just as they rely on us. Now is the time to re-evaluate your relationships and set goals to strengthen the family bond.


Are you happy with your job? When you go to work, is the atmosphere draining or motivating? Is there room in your profession to progress? How long do you spend driving to work daily? Do you get along with co-workers and supervisors?

Besides home, work is where we spend most of our time. If you are not happy for eight-plus hours at work, chances are, that energy may pour into your household. How can you set goals for your career?

My recommendation is that you ask yourself these questions and answer honestly. If the answers make you question your job, you can either think about positive ways to change them or re-evaluate your profession. A goal in this area could be to place motivational quotes in your workplace, speak to your supervisor and ask them for suggestions for advancement, or give everyone the greeting of the day no matter the status of your working relationship.


Do you believe in something bigger than yourself? Do you have a routine to clear your mind when things get rough? How do you center yourself in this crazy world?

We all have different religious beliefs. No matter what you believe in, your connection and relationship with that higher power should be one of the things that keep you grounded. If you sense your life being a little hectic and out of control, set some goals for the spiritual part of your life.

Some ways to do this would be to find a church or community center in your area. Whenever we move to a new location, we like to attend different churches and community centers to see which best aligns with our values and beliefs.


What are you doing to challenge yourself intellectually? Are you reading some inspirational or devotional daily? Have you signed up for that next class that you have been putting off?

We scroll so much on our phones that it seems like a treat to get lost in a good book. Challenge yourself and pick up a new book or sign up for that class this week.


Are you physically active daily? When was the last time you went on a walk/run, bike ride, played basketball, tennis, etc.? Being physically active helps prolong our lives, and it has been linked to decreasing the chances of different illnesses.

Health is wealth. Even if it is for 15 to 30 minutes a day, make a conscious decision to get moving.


I am an introvert by nature, but I also know the importance of socialization. I once heard the phrase, “Your Network is your Net Worth.”

Are you interacting with others? Whether at school, work, church, or the park, socialization is a healthy way of communication. Even if you are a loner, interaction with others should be a goal if you are not currently doing that.


Do you have an emergency savings? If your car were to break down today, are you financially prepared to fix it? Are you financially able to go on a vacation if you wanted you? How much debt do you have, and how much of your paycheck are you putting towards that debt?

About 78 percent of people do not have an emergency savings. This means they would not be in a good position if a financial emergency were to arise. The goal is not so much to be rich but to have the financial freedom to do what I want with my family and create generational wealth.

Self-awareness is a competency that takes work. Sometimes all it takes is a little re-evaluating different area of our lives. Need help with goal setting? Check out these tips to set you up for success https://itsabusylife.com/goal-setting/.


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