Importance of Physical Activity

Importance of Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity are a big part of our overall wellness. Numerous studies show that engaging in physical activity fights against chronic disease and prolongs deaths. Let us take control of our own health.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Exercising can lead to an improved quality of life. Do not think about it as having the burden of coming up with a lengthy workout plan. Think of it as a daily movement. What can I do today that will better my health? Once you begin to move daily, exercise can also help with our daily stress related to family, jobs, or life.

By moving with a purpose, you are releasing endorphins that make your body feel good. The release of these brain chemicals can ultimately help us manage stress on a chemical level. The same goes with sleep. Sleep is so important to our overall health. When we exercise, it also helps us to fall asleep and stay asleep. This creates a domino effect. When you get better sleep, wake up rested, you perform better, it helps with depression and anxiety.

Challenges of Physical Activity

Sometimes we want to jump right in with an unrealistic program for exercising. This can become overwhelming and result in you not wanting to exercise at all.

When we think about physical movement daily, it is just that. Some examples are a 30-minute walk, a run, a workout video, dancing, kickboxing, etc. Your situation will be different from someone else.

Previous injuries, disabilities, time, space, etc., all play an important role in exercising. Maybe you are not able to physically go to a gym. Maybe you are a stay-at-home parent, and you are only able to get in a 30-minute walk or a workout video when your children are eating breakfast. Identify your lifestyle and what works for you. You can do it, and your body will thank you.


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