Social Media: Clean it Up

Social Media: Clean it Up

There comes a time when we catch ourselves on social media a little more than we care to. At the same time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with interacting with friends and family, finding a new recipe, or getting inspiration from your favorite influencer. Sometimes we open social media, and our timelines are filled with things we would rather not see.

When I tell you my unfollow unfriend and block game is strong, oh yes, it is. When was the last time you had a purging of your social media? Clean up your friends and follow list across all media platforms by deleting things that fall in the categories below. It will do wonders for your mental health.

Toxic Motivation

These are the “You have the same hours as Beyonce/Oprah” posts. You are either one of them and should not compare yourself to them. We may all have the same hours in one day, but we do not all have the same circumstances and home life.

Tone Deaf

These are posts overly insensitive to the global, domestic, social justice, political, economic, or even local crisis. These posts undermine a cause under the guise of “If it does not affect me.” You do not need to have the same beliefs or political views as someone else, but that does not mean you need to view disrespectful, racist, unempathetic, distasteful, or hurtful posts.

Inappropriate Content

These are soft or graphic pornography and sexual innuendos. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable while scrolling, remove it from your feed. As my grandmother would say, “Is anything private anymore?” In a world where sex is thrown around daily on platforms from TV to radio to the internet, that does not mean you have to see it.

Conflict of Interest

These are posts that conflict with your morals or character. You do not have to agree with or follow a specific lifestyle, and you are not less loving or respectful for unfollowing. Protect your peace.

Unethical Behavior

These are posts from people you personally know who are leading a double life or perpetuating fraudulent behavior. An example could be a person active in infidelity but constantly posting family photos. Whew! I may ruffle some feathers with this one.

At the end of the day, when you get on social media, you should not feel sad, depressed, angry, discouraged, or even jealous when scrolling through your timeline. Be careful what you lay your eyes on and what you listen to. What else would you add to this list?


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