Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Beautiful weather is upon us. With that usually comes cleaning, dusting, reorganizing, out with the old and in with the new. Spring Cleaning is about so much more than just cleaning out your closets and dusting; it is a powerful tool that will free up energy and space in your life for more good things to flow to you. Did you know you can Spring clean  more than just your home? Toxins can be in our home, office, minds, and bodies. Let us break this down and clean four areas of our lives.

Clean Mind

How many times do we overthink, exaggerate, stress over things we cannot control, or worry; more times than we care to admit. There is this thing called metacognition, which is the act of thinking about what you are thinking about.
What the what?! I know, stick with me….

Spring cleaning your mind helps you to re-energize and refocus your mind. Spend a few minutes sitting quietly with your journal. Ask yourself if the goals you set at the beginning of the year have been met or are on track. If not, what are you doing to work towards them? It is time to conduct an assessment, reorganize, and re-prioritize! Also, what are some of your recent stressors and what can you do to minimize or eliminate them? Let us write down anything we need to let go of; whether it’s a fear or negative self-talk, or lingering medical conditions or bills. If it is not serving you or your goals, it must go! Let us replace it with something positive. In some of my other blogs, I delivered proven support for improving health and financial management.

Clean Body

I am sure you have heard of people doing cleanses because they feel bloated or they want to lose a few pounds. I have even done a juice cleanse or fruit and vegetable cleanse before. But how can we naturally cleanse more often so it
Isn’t an occasionally fad? Health = Energy = Success. Create one new habit this week to support having a clean healthy body. Your body is your home for your entire lifetime. The better care you take of it, the better it can support you. If you need some inspiration, here are five healthy habits that I am working on right now:

#1: Start my day with black coffee. That is right folks, no cream or sugar (we do not even keep sugar in our home). Coffee gives you a boost and it regulates your digestive system. Mix it up with some all-natural green tea. It is proven weight loss to just remove sugar from your diet.

#2: I fast for breakfast or make an energy filled breakfast. This usually includes eggs, avocado, and fruit. I have found that my body responds well to a simple, yummy, light breakfast.

#3: Limiting fast or frozen foods. Easier said than done, but there is something about fast food that leaves you lethargic and regretful. I am not saying I never eat fast food, but if I do, it is not that often.

#4: Do some exercise every day, even if it is just stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, or plank on the bedroom floor. There are a million online workouts and loads of workout apps are giving free trials right now. You can also visit my fitness page for some great ideas. 

#5: I get out in the sun for at least 10 minutes every day. Natural vitamin D from the sun has been proven to boost immunity, and preliminary reports show it may help fight off COVID-19. Get out in the sun, if possible! My family
takes a bike ride/dog walk every single evening. It is our 30-45 minutes of bonding time, laughter, and exercise. When you incorporate the family, it is something you will look forward to together.

Clean Office

Do you have your own workspace at home or at the office? Is it a mess? Can it use a good dusting? Schedule some time this week to clean, unclutter and organize that workspace, wherever that happens to be. This space is probably
where you spend many of your waking hours – so make it efficient and beautiful to best support the way you work.

Clean Home

Let us not forget about your house. This week choose one additional area in your house to unclutter and give a good spring cleaning. I like to walk around the house and spend some time in each room/area, look around and then I close my eyes, take a deep breath and tap into the energy of that space. Does it feel stagnant? Is it cluttered? Are there things no longer serving me in that space? What do I need to let go of or just move to a new spot? What stands out as dirty or dusty? Focus on windows, showers, baseboards, appliances, sheets, linens, etc. It is important for energy to be able to move freely throughout your space.

So, there you have it. Spring cleaning made easy. I hope you can take your spring cleaning to a whole new level with your mind, body, office, and home.


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