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Green Thumb

Where are my green thumb plant lovers? My mother and grandmother had dozens of plants in their homes growing up; small ones, medium ones, large ones, some that were the same, and some that were different. I remember not walking through certain areas of my grandmother’s house because she had so many plants in that…
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30 Day Organization Challenge

No matter what time of year it is, we constantly want to clean and organize specific areas of our homes. Well, now you can clean and organize everything without the pressure of doing everything simultaneously. If you find yourself gathering things you no longer need during these 30 days, sell, donate, or throw them away.…
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Spring Cleaning

Beautiful weather is upon us. With that usually comes cleaning, dusting,¬†reorganizing, out with the old and in with the new. Spring Cleaning is about so much more than just cleaning out your closets and dusting; it is a powerful tool that will free up energy and space in your life for more good things to…
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