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Places to Travel this Fall

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go. When the seasons change, the travel costs decrease (depending on the location), and the crowds thin out. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet, fall scenery, hayrides, pumpkin patches, or a cozy destination, here is a list of places…
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Best Fall Nail Polishes

Being in the military, I keep my nails clear all year round except for the holidays when I am on leave for two weeks. This allows me to express myself through nail color. Loud colors, PLEASE! Spring and summer are for the beautiful bright yellows, pinks, and bright colors, and fall and winter are for…
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Halloween and Fall Porch Decorations

When the clock strikes midnight on 1 September, let the fall festivities begin. That means Halloween decorations everywhere and pumpkins galore. We always decorate our home with spooky/fall decorations to kick off September through November. Check out some of these beautiful Halloween and Fall porch decorations for some decorating inspiration.

Books to Read this Fall

Where are my readers? The time has come for cozy weather, leaves falling, fuzzy socks, cardigans, and pumpkin spice lattes. After work during the fall season, the only thing on my mind is lying on the couch with a blanket and a good movie or book. Check out these books for adults and children that…
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Fall Must-Haves

The leaves are turning, and the pumpkin spice has filled the air. As much as I would love to throw on an oversized hoodie and sweatpants every day, this year, I have made it my duty to be intentional with my attire. Cooler weather calls for moistured lips and fashion. Check out this short list…
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Fall Favorites

Me spotting one leaf: “Bring on the pumpkin spice!” Come on; you have to admit there is something about fall that is cozy, relaxing, comforting, and sexy. I am such a winter baby, but there is something amazing about fall. Maybe the trees change beautiful colors and shedding their leaves to make room for something…
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