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Tips for Surviving the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is the official start of the holidays. This is where family and friends gather to fellowship, eat, and make memories. This year will probably look a little different than other thanksgivings because of the pandemic. With, that still does not stop all the delicious foods from being eaten. Here are a few tips to…
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Cruise vs Resorts

Vacation cruise or resort destination? Each one has its own benefits. I know we all need a vacation after this COVID-19 chaos, so I wanted to share some of my ideas. Many travelers religiously stick to one or the other. For example, when we were in Jamaica, we met an older couple at our resort…
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When was the last time you had a family reunion?

Let’s talk Family Reunions/Get-Togethers. With the current state of the world, I’m sure everyone wants to reconnect with family now,¬†more than ever. Being in the military, family reunions are important to me. They’re the funniest, most memorable times to catch up with those with whom we aren’t the closest and remember why LOL. Love and…
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