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Family Fun Staycations

Have you ever wanted to get away for a family vacation, but either time or money would not allow it? What about some fun staycation ideas that make your family feel like they are getting away?  Indoor Activities How can we bring the fun inside if the weather is too hot or cold? Easy, you…
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Hand Keepsake

Sponsored ads, we all see them on social media right. A few weeks ago, I spotted this ad that caught my attention. It was a mold of two hands. Some were a parent and child, some were a child’s hands, or the hands of a couple. Now,you know how things ordered from the internet can…
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Mini Bible Lessons

Daily devotionals and bible study are traditions that we stick to in our household. Recently, I found this great website with over 50 printable bible study lessons. These have been great for our boys because they focus on what is going on in the world right and are very relatable. I have him review and…
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