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Addictions and Dependency

Be kind to everyone because we are all fighting battles seen and unseen. Society today displays addictions as only a stronghold to drugs and alcohol. Addictions go beyond those two things. Some addictions can be easily disguised as a hobby and may not be noticeable in the beginning until they start negatively impacting your daily…
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Client Questionnaire

When wanting to travel, sometimes we do not even know where to start. Sometimes we have the idea of traveling, but it somehow overwhelms us, and we end up not going through with it because of the headache of finding the right deal. As a Personal Travel Agent, I use my Client Questionnaire to help…
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Back to School Blessing

There are so many ways to give back in the community. Whether you are helping at a food pantry, holding the door for someone, washing cars for a fundraiser, or volunteering your time at the local YMCA, giving back is greatly appreciated. In 2018, I came up with an idea to help families who need…
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