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Goals for Every Area of Your Life

Each day is the first day of the rest of your life. Every day is another opportunity to become a better you. We are in control of our lives and how we live them. Let’s discuss several areas of our lives we can begin to set goals. Family Here is some food for thought: Are…
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Importance of Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity are a big part of our overall wellness. Numerous studies show that engaging in physical activity fights against chronic disease and prolongs deaths. Let us take control of our own health. Benefits of Physical Activity Exercising can lead to an improved quality of life. Do not think about it as having…
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Quarantine Tips (Daily Practices)

The past few months of 2020 have been interesting, right? We went from a spring break week full of fun, a new adventure every day, and yummy food to no more school and work from home. Geez, that was fast. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Wonder Woman has really summoned extra strengths…
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