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Social Media: Clean it Up

There comes a time when we catch ourselves on social media a little more than we care to. At the same time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with interacting with friends and family, finding a new recipe, or getting inspiration from your favorite influencer. Sometimes we open social media, and our timelines are filled with…
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Go-to Apps

We stare at our cell phones at least an hour a day. Different apps keep us engaged and entertained as time flies. Below are some of my go-to apps that are on my home screen. Social Media If it were not for my several businesses and keeping in contact with family and friends, I would…
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The Effects of Social Media

Social media. There have been times when I took a break from social media because I was tired of seeing specific things. Then, I got back on, unfollowed, unfriended, or blocked specific people and pages that was not adding value inmy life. I mean, seeing negativity all day, every day is draining. That is when…
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