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Ways to Stay Connected with Your Spouse

So you find the love of your life, added to your family, the seasons go by, and life happens. This is common with marriages and long-term relationships, but what do you do when you realize you have not given your significant other the best version of yourself? What do you do when your love languages…
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Power of Praying Series

This prayer series by Stormie Daniels has been in my home and heart for over ten years. Not only do they immediately refocus my attention on my relationship with God, but they light a fire in me as a Prayer Warrior. I take these books when I travel, read them at home, and go to…
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Do You Really Like Your Significant Other

During a recent interview with Quinton Duncan (see video below), I was asked how my husband and I kept our marriage strong. My answer was to just be friends and actually like each other. The lovey dovey phase in the beginning of any relationship is just that, a phase. That wears off over time and…
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