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Benefits of Hiring a Travel Agent

Hello everyone. It’s me KiOwana. Your Independent Travel Agent. What do I love more than traveling…….sharing my experiences and helping others travel and make memories. So, what is the difference between having your own personal Travel Agent and going on to Expedia and doing it yourself? Well let us talk about it. For starters, Travel…
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Cruise vs Resorts

Vacation cruise or resort destination? Each one has its own benefits. I know we all need a vacation after this COVID-19 chaos, so I wanted to share some of my ideas. Many travelers religiously stick to one or the other. For example, when we were in Jamaica, we met an older couple at our resort…
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Who needs a Guy Trip?

Ok guys, when was the last time you had a trip with just the fellas? Now is the time to plan. Local guys night out count, but let’s talk about really getting away! It doesn’t have to be a week-long event; let’s plan the weekend getaway.  Picture it now, a few days of bonding, laughter, exploring,…
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