There is only one YOU. Stop trying to be HER.

There is only one YOU. Stop trying to be HER.

“Stop being jealous of people in their winning season. You have no idea what they went through in their losing season.” Sometimes we can compare our lives to others without even realizing it. Something may start as inspiration but slowly takes a turn towards envy and jealousy. Now I am not saying do not be inspired by others, but do not call it inspiration if you are trying to borrow your neighbor’s entire life. Here are some reasons why this can become a toxic and dangerous trait.


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” It becomes difficult to trust and find ourselves when we spend too much time comparing and coveting what we see others doing. Would you mind not spending time wondering what someone else is doing or how far they are getting ahead? When we are too focused on what others are doing, sometimes we lose sight of what we already have and can become ungrateful. To combat this, focus on being your best self because you are more than worthy.

Highlight Reels

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It is green where you water it.” You never know someone else’s life entirely. Yes, we may see the highlight reels on social media and think this person has it all together. Do you really think you know someone just from the things they post online? Often, we are trying to piece together an incomplete story. To combat this, know that even the most famous or well-put-together people are human and have flaws. Unfollow, unfriend, or block anything that makes you feel less than your best, jealous, envious, or angry. It would help if you were careful what you put your eyes on and what you listen to. Team positivity only.

Walk in Your Purpose

“What is the world missing out on because you’re trying to be someone you’re not?” You are unique and are blessed with your own gifts and talents. Sometimes we do not even know what those gifts and talents are, but we can find out what they are not. If someone started doing something and you tried to do it and failed instead of walking in your purpose, that is probably their gift, not yours. This happens more than often. To combat this, find out what motivates you and what you enjoy doing. What hobbies do you have that could lead you to uncover your true gifts and talents?

I have often found myself looking at certain popular women online and feeling some way because of their success; maybe I was not quite there in my journey yet. This can be an easy trap to find yourself in. For me, I had to really snap out of it. We all are running the race of life. We have our own journeys, and they all look different. Stay focused, remember who you are, and stay in your own lane. And remember, there is only one you. Please stop trying to be her.


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