Travel Plans for the Summer

Travel Plans for the Summer

Summer and fall trips are booked in the winter and spring. Many people plan their trips and family vacations six months, nine months, or even a year in advance. A few benefits to booking sooner than later are decreased prices, off-season discounts, and the ability to make payments towards your trip if you do not have a large amount to pay for the vacation at once. 

Do you need ideas of where to go near and far by yourself or with your family? Check out this list of this year’s vacation spots.

  1. Palm Springs, California
  2. Quebec, Canada
  3. Aspen, Colorado
  4. The Bahamas
  5. Fort Myers, Florida
  6. Budapest, Hungary
  7. Kauai, Hawaii
  8. British Virgin Islands
  9. Clearwater, Florida
  10. Louisville, Kentucky
  11. Doha, Qatar
  12. Houston, Texas
  13. Walla Walla, Washington
  14. Ilha Caldeira, Mozambique
  15. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  16. Maldives
  17. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  18. Seattle, Washington


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